To ensure the overall development of Kanpur city by the year 2047, Century Clubs will also be set up in schools and colleges so that the youth and students can participate in Vision Kanpur. The 100 day activity calendar has also been brainstormed by Century Club.
Vision 2047 has covered every sector like Happiness Index, Tourism, Traffic Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Human Values, Education, Health, Skill Development, Senior Citizen, Youth, Artist, Business, Startup etc. Youth participation is important in various fields like: Theme Park, Vision Kanpur Magazine, Kanpur Ki Baat, Lead Kanpur, Seminar, Panel Discussion, Cultural Show, Poster, Painting, Slogan, Speech, Play, Kanpur Carnival, Wall Painting, etc. Along with this, maximum use of social platforms will be done. Along with this, the history of 100 years of Kanpur will also be displayed and the vision of a smart Kanpur will be prepared.
We are committed to make Kanpur a clean and healthy city with high quality infrastructure like better roads, enhanced airport facilities and basic services so that it can be recognized as one of Uttar Pradesh's prominent city. To recognise Kanpur as a major city of the state and create an environment that attracts people and develops business opportunities, entrepreneurs are encouraged to adopt a customer oriented approach and also the government machinery will be made efficient, effective and transparent.